North Beach

14" x 20" Oil

Gaffed Rig Cat

14" x 19.5" Watercolor

Duel to the Mark

21" x 26" Oil

The Blue Boat

9.5" x 15" Watercolor

Porto San Stefano

21" x 14.5" Watercolor

Ash to Ashe

10" x 11" Watercolor

Narragansett Rock

14" x 20" Oil

Flying South

15" x 22"

Kim Weiland - Artist, Painter

Kim Weiland is an artist and painter based out of Ocean City, New Jersey. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Weiland studied at the Tyler College of Art where he spent a year of his education in Rome, Italy. His desire to travel is evident in his sketches and paintings as they reflect time spent throughout Italy, Northern Europe, Yugoslavia and Tunisia.

Kim Weiland

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